About PPP

Positive Powerful Parents is a Self Advocacy Group run by and for Parents with Intellectual Disability.

Positive Powerful Parents started in 2012 by parent and Self Advocate Susan, with support of Reinforce Self Advocacy Group and SARU (Self Advocacy Resource Unit).

When Susan found out that she was not the only parent with intellectual disability to become involved with child protection & lose their child, she decided she wanted to make a change so families got to stay together.

Positive Powerful Parents began to raise awareness about the issues and discrimination parents with intellectual disability face when they are involved with the child protection system.

Positive Powerful Parents believe that parents with intellectual disability have their own unique way of parenting and with the right supports in place, most parents should be able to keep their children at home with them.

Positive Powerful Parents believe parents with intellectual disability have the right to access any supports they need.

Positive Powerful Parents also believe that when parents with intellectual disability become involved with child protection, they need to have plans put in place so they get the chance to be kept together.

Positive Powerful Parents want the Victorian Government to be committed to ending the discrimination of parents with intellectual disability.

Hard Word List

Positive Powerful Parents would like you to know that there are some hard words on this website.

Here is a link to help you understand some hard words below.


Friday Friendship Groups

Positive Powerful Parents are hosting 3 free Friday Friendship Groups for Parents with Intellectual Disability

A Melbourne Friday Friendship Group

A Morwell Friday Friendship Group

An Online Friday Friendship Group that meets through our purple facebook page called Parents Rights Network.

Our Friday Friendship Groups provide: Support, Connection, a Safe Place and Respect

If you would like to come along please contact us


If you would like to become a Positive Powerful Parents Member please contact us 

Partners and Supporters

Reinforce IncSARUAMIDAStar Victoria
All Abilities AdvocacyRainbow Rights and AdvocacyParenting Research CentreinnoTel
National Disability Insurance Service NDISDepartment of HealthBumpy Road

Photos by Paul Dunn, Sue Smith, Kristian Scott, Sally De Beche

This website was funded through the Victorian Disability Advocacy Futures Grants Program

Positive Powerful Parents acknowledge the support from the Victorian Government

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