Hard Word List

Hard word list

  • Intellectual Disability – a disability that can make learning hard
  • Rights – a rule about what a person is allowed to do or have
  • Organisation – a group of people working together
  • Child Protection – part of the government that makes sure children are safe
  • Legal Support – help with the law and court
  • Advocacy – speaking up about issues to make change
  • Advocate – a person who can help you with issues
  • Self advocacy – speaking up for yourself and others.  You can do this in a self advocacy group
  • Self Advocate – a person with a disability who speaks up for themselves
  • Discrimination – treating someone unfairly because of where they come from, their age, because they have a disability or what they look like
  • Investigate – looking for and finding out information
  • Resources – something to help you know, learn or do things.  Videos and books are types of resources
  • Discovered – to find out or see something for the first time
  • Companion – someone you spend time.  It can be a Support Worker or a friend
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