For Child Protection

Parents with Intellectual Disability Have Rights

Parents with intellectual disability have the right to: 

  • Be a Parent
  • Have the same rights as all parents
  • Have programs made to meet their needs, this could include extra time and support
  • Have information given to them in Plain English or in a way they can best understand
  • Speak up for themselves
  • Be listened to
  • Get help
  • Have a support person with them at all meetings
  • Ask for support and get support
  • Have the right kind of support for their individual needs
  • Have support to go to access visits with their children
  • Advocacy
  • Ask for advocacy
  • Ask child protection what they think the problem is
  • Ask child protection to come back or call back when the parent has support with them
  • Ask child protection for copies of all documents
  • Ask  child protection questions
  • Get truthful answers
  • Get legal support
  • Get help to connect to the NDIS

Resources made for workers 

Hand in Hand Report

This report was created with parents from across Victoria supported by various services


How to create a Plain English document

Are you working with a family that needs information in easy English?

Please click the link this resource


Working with Parents with an Intellectual Disability

This resource is created to support organisations working with people with intellectual disability

Please find more information on our Links & Resources or  Videos  pages

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