End of ILC Project Celebration

Positive Powerful Parents and Self Advocacy Groups from around Victoria came together this week and celebrated the achievements each of the group made through the ILC Individual Capacity Building round that finishes up on June 30th 2024.

Groups presented slide shows, gave speeches and shared what being connected to their group meant to them.

Through the ILC Projects Groups created: resources, training and ran training, supported many people to connect with each other in face to face groups and online groups, presented at forums-expos-conferences-organisations, worked through the pandemic, travelled sharing information, held their own expos, made videos-short films documentaries and animations, learnt lots of new skills and had fun!!

Thank you goes to AMIDA (Action for More Impendence and Dignity in Accommodation) and SARU (Self Advocacy Resource Unit) for the support and advice provided to groups during these projects.

Here are a few photos from the celebration.

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