Facebook Pages

Positive Powerful Parents have 2 Facebook pages

The red Facebook page is for all of PPP’s members and friends

The purple Facebook page is called the Parents Rights Network and is for parents only


Positive Powerful Parents Facebook Parents Rights Network Facebook
Positive Powerful Parents Parents Rights Network


Self Advocacy Contacts

Would you like to join a Self Advocacy Group or does your Self Advocacy Group need support?

Please see links below for organisations that can help you find a Self Advocacy Group near you or help your self advocacy group with information and support.


Reinforce Self Advocacy: run for and by people with an intellectual disability

Voices together

An online resource for self advocacy groups

SARU (Self Advocacy Resource Unit)

SARU supports Victorian self advocacy groups that are run by and for people with an intellectual disability


The Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU) provides resources for disability advocacy in Victoria


The Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA)

Legal & Advocacy contacts

Do you need legal advice or and advocate?

You may be able to get legal help for free, contact legal aid.

Advocates are for free.

Please see some contacts below

Legal Aid Victoria

Can help you to get legal advice and free legal services

Disability Discrimination Legal Service


Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability

Can help you get an advocate

An advocate can help you speak up and go to meetings with you

Star Victoria

Can help you get an advocate

An advocate can help you speak up and go to meetings with you


AMIDA (Action for More Independence & Dignity in Accommodation) advocates for good housing for people with disability


Helpful Links for parents


NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

Do you have an NDIS plan?

Your NDIS plan can help you with goals

One of your goals can be – to be the best parent you can be

Here is a link to the National Disability Insurance Scheme


Public Transport Victoria

MYKI register

If you register your MYKI card, child protection can put money on your myki card to help travel to access visits

Public Transport Victoria Travel Access Pass

You might be eligible for free public transport in Victoria

Click link below

Companion Card

You might be entitled to get the companion card

The companion card can get your support worker into activities for free- including public transport

Click link below


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